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Odessa, Fontanka village, Chehova St. 2

About Park Fontanov

About Park Fontanov

Housing complex Park Fontanov is a new large-scale project of Grand Empire Company. The location of the complex is an undeniable advantage of this project. Perspective from the point of view of its development and eco-friendly district of Odessa is a worthy alternative to living in the parts of old city.

Our complex is built in accordance with the project Grand Pro with the use of innovative technologies and eco-friendly materials, in and under high requirements of our customer. Reliability and performance along with elegant architectural concept allow making an ideal dwelling: houses, apartments, cozy and functional green yards, design interiors of public zones and of course fountains!

All these create a harmonious appearance of our complex and allow its residents to fell comfort and freedom.


The advantages of the first floors

The project has pleasant benefits for those, who are willing to buy a flat on the first floor. It`s a favorable and interesting offer for families with small children, for the elderly people and for people with disabilities.

On the first floor of each of all six houses from the side of the inner-yard part, there will be two or three apartments with a private garden space (front garden). Its area will be from 10 to 28 m2 depending on the location of the apartment. A great place to relax, where you can put umbrellas, tables, trestle beds. The height of the fencing of the private garden is 150 cm, at the top – a fenced place for flower pots.


The features of the second floor

On the 2nd floor of the houses No. 1, 2 and 3 along the outer perimeter of the facade of a building (Zabolotnogo St. the road heading to shopping and leisure center Riviera) are placed 1,2 and 3-rooms apartments with the possibility of exit from the apartment to the maintained terrace. The terrace is a roof of the stylobate part of commercial offices on the 1st floor. It will be separated between the apartments by metal partitions and paved with paving slabs.

The square of these terraces will be a nice bonus to the purchased apartments on the second floor but will not be their property. It will be just maintained and dedicated for relax. You can equip it with umbrellas, tables, trestle beds. The only requirement for fire safety purposes, there will be a ban on the starting of an open fire.


Trade infrastructure

Housing complex Park Fontanov offers its residents all benefits of a life in a city and out-of-town rest at the same time! Comfortable conditions of living will allow not to leave your microdistrict without the need.

Very close to it there is the best family shopping and leisure center in Ukraine Riviera, supermarkets Auchan, Margo. In pedestrian accessibility, only 15 minutes away there are clean sea beaches. Near the HC Park Fontanov there is a convenient transport junction – both for personal and for public transport (including free routes).

In addition, the project provides the development of its own, autonomous infrastructure.

In the housing complex Park Fontanov first floors from the outer sides of the houses are intended for commercial property. Each facility has its own entrance.  A well-thought-out configuration will make it possible to locate enterprises in the sphere of services and of social purpose: postal and bank branches, notary’s office, pharmacies, and dental offices, minimarkets and cafes, beauty salon and dry cleaning. They are not for sale, there will be only exclusive contracts with entrepreneurs. This will allow to exclude at the houses of the first stage (1-6) one type of businesses and create the most convenient and diverse infrastructure!


Service infrastructure

In our time, the quality of life is formed by the possibility of carrying out useful and diverse leisure activities on your territory.

HC Park Fontanov covers an area of ​​12.5 hectares.

Pedestrian access to the sea, closed yards without cars, landscape gardening, fountains. On the territory of the complex, there will be a recreation area with a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths. The total length of bicycle paths will be more than two kilometers. Children’s playgrounds will be oriented at different ages, and sports grounds will provide an opportunity to have an active way of life for all family members.

A construction of 3-story sports complex and a ground for mini-football with two additional parking lots is planned. When putting the houses of the first stage of commissioning, a children’s development center with a private kindergarten will be built.

At the end of the construction works of houses of the 2nd and 3rd stages, a five-story parking will be put into operation. You will not need to buy an expensive place or search for the place to park a car. Places will be rented.



The complex will be maintained by its own management company, which will take care of all measures to ensure comfortable and safe living, including maintenance of houses and adjacent territories, control of electricity and gas supply systems, general care and cleaning of the complex territory, landscape design of the territory. The HC Park Fontanov provides 24-hour protection of the entire territory with the use of physical security and technical means.



We paid significant attention to the landform and aesthetic landscape gardening. We plan to plant over 2000 trees and bushes with the focus on evergreen plants.

And of course fountains! There will be 21 fountains of different sizes and shapes at the complex territory. Though the main peculiarity of our fountains is fresh artesian water. The well is already drilled and ready to use. The depth of formation is 130 meters.


The complex concept is quality of life and safety

During the construction of HC Park Fontanov, we applied the design concept called "the yard without cars": yard territory is performed as a pedestrian zone. All houses will be equipped with two entrances – from the yard and the front one, so that cars will not intersect with the pedestrians. To drive up or to deliver something will be possible only from the front entrance of the building. The driveway into the yard will be organized only for special vehicles: ambulance, fire-service vehicle, police etc.
The parking for complex residents and guests will be placed along outside perimeter, fenced and equipped with the entrance for pedestrians and secured driveway access gate for motor vehicles. The organization of authorized access of residents and personnel to the territory of the complex will be carried out using electronic identifiers (key fobs).

20 min.
to the city center
10 min.
to the sea
5 min.
to the shopping center "Riviera"
21 min.
to railway station
House Benefits
A well-attended territory of Park Fontanov HC is created for relax and healthy leisure for adults and children
Children's playgrounds
Park Fontanov HC provides everything required to satisfy all basic needs of the habitants
Own territory
Park Fontanov HC provides everything required to satisfy all basic needs of the habitants
A well-attended territory of Park Fontanov HC is created for relax and healthy leisure for adults and children
Park Fontanov HC provides everything required to satisfy all basic needs of the habitants
Business zone
Park Fontanov HC provides everything required to satisfy all basic needs of the habitants in a few minutes of walk

created for relax and healthy leisure for adults and children

Construction method

Park Fontanov is a housing complex of comfort class, representing 10 ten-story houses of flats with basements and maintenance floors executed on frame-stone technology.

  • High seismic resistance is guaranteed because the buildings are constructed on driving piles;
  • The walls of the basement and the ceiling are raised from reinforced concrete. For the manufacture of reinforced concrete structures only high-quality concrete is used: strength class C 20/25, B25, waterproof mark W4-W6, frost resistance grade F 75;
  • For the lift slabs of 2-9th floors are used prefabricated reinforced concrete hollow slabs produced at the own concrete products factory of the Grand Empire Building;
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Construction method
  • The inter-apartment and exterior walls of the above-ground part (380 mm thick) are made of red ceramic bricks;
  • During construction, the facades are insulated with 100 mm thick mineral wool plates and protected from the environment by a ventilated facade system;
  • The house’s roof is flat, in-situ concrete slab – 30 cm, vapor barrier of film, insulation – extruded expanded polystyrene – 10 cm, as well as polystyrene concrete, forming an inclined, heat insulating and soundproof layer – 15 cm. Sand-cement screed – 5 cm, PVC membrane, two layers – 3 cm.
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Technical characteristics of housing
  • The height of all building is equal – 35,4 m;
  • Number of floors – 10;
  • Residential apartments are placed from the 1st till 9th  floors;
  • The 10th floor is an engineering floor;
  • Apartments of a free layout, without installation of inter-room walls, are put in commission with a floor topping;
  • Walls – red brick without bonding plaster;
  • Ceiling height on the 1st floor – 3,15 m, starting from 2nd till 10th – 2,85 m.
  • Entrance doors – metal, fire-prevention (E 130), with an intermediate layer in the frame ledges, the company “Sagan”;
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Technical characteristics of housing
  • The houses are equipped with modern high-speed elevators, cargo-passenger lifts ThyssenKrupp. Rise up to the 10th floor inclusive. Elevators are spacious, have a high level of comfort and smooth running. Reliable and safe. Dimensions and construction of elevators allow transportation both, a group of passengers, including people with disabilities in wheelchairs, and cargos.
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House heating

Each house is maintained by a separate gas boiler-room, the capacity of up to 200 kW with automatic control. The heat meter is a common one, the payment for heating is charged per square meter. At the request of the owner, he/she can install a separate meter at his/her own expense.

Individual heating, electric cooker, and hot water supply

  • Heating batteries with the distribution in the apartment are on the floor: metal with thermo-adjustable heads;
  • There will be only electricity in the apartments, the installation of electric cookers and electro boilers is performed at the owner`s expense;
  • The estimated capacity for an apartment is 8 kW.
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