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Odessa, Fontanka village, Chehova St. 2

About developer

Grand Empire

The developer of HC “Park Fontanov”

Odessa changes constantly gaining a modern look day by day. New buildings appear constructed with the use of advanced technologies and innovative materials. As the result, people change their vision of the comfort absolutely. The customer became more demanding not only of pricing but also of quality features of the objects. People are more attentively to such details as the location, terms of construction and quality of the building, height, rationality of apartment layout, social infrastructure, well-thought concept of the whole complex. Today the construction companies need more knowledge and skills to satisfy fully the demands of the market.

The structure of Grand Empire developer company

  • Developer – Grand Empire;
  • Project office – Grand Pro;
  • Construction company – Grand Empire Construction;
  • Manufacturing base – RC factory Grand Empire Building.

Grand Empire Team

Grand Empire construction company has united the high skilled specialists in various fields of construction and connected areas. We’ve completed a lot of projects of different complexity and scales, of different purposes including construction of new buildings and the reconstruction of older ones. Today, this experience and knowledge are the most important values of the company, so that it is possible to apply an integrated approach in construction of new objects from design to commissioning.

Our advantages

If you appreciate a reliable and comfort real estate, new apartments
in Odessa by grand empire is your perfect choice!

The development of each new project is a difficult and multifaceted process marked with a conscious approach, thorough elaboration of all questions, and deep knowledge and strict compliance with all requirements and regulations. Grand Empire has real actives and serious logistical base which allows to translate any idea into reality at a high professional level.

At our disposal:

  • an area of 12.5 hectares – is a private property of Grand Empire. The land was transferred to HC “Park Fontanov” under the superficies agreement for construction the housing complex;
  • construction and associated equipment, tower cranes;
  • a new modern ready-mixed concrete factory, prefabricated concrete products and constructions factory.

An independence from a number of suppliers is a great advantage of Grand Empire. We are interested in a timely and high-quality finishing of the construction.

Today the main goal of the company is construction of the best new residential areas in Odessa. We have turned this idea into reality in a new housing complex marked with an expressive title “Park Fontanov”. It is a new large-scale construction project of a modern comfort-class housing complex placed in dynamically developing district.

If you appreciate a reliable and comfort real estate, new apartments in Odessa by Grand Empire is your perfect choice!


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